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Women In Horror Month #WiHM

All through the month of February I have the pleasure of

hosting some of Horror's finest ladies. I have reached out across the globe to bring the thoughts, wisdom and inspiration of ladies wielding a blood soaked pen.

Join me as they get comfortable (as possible) on my very own Couch Of Chaos

From Award Winning authors to emerging voices I have done my very best to bring you a range of diverse and exciting women within our industry.

D.J Doyle - Kenzie Jennings - Lee Murray - Jennifer Sullivan - Jessica Landry - Polly Schattel - Mya Lairis -

Christine Morgan - Priya Sharma - CL Raven -

Carmilla Voiez - Christina Bergling - Sea Caummisar - Nicole Kurtz - Marie O'Regan - Gemma Paul

& so many more.

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