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Want Your Pound Of Flesh??

Everybody wants something for nothing... right?

Well click on my book cover below and find your new favourite horror writer in this collection of FREE, short stories, excerpts from a pool of talented authors.

Not only can you access my FREE Extreme horror story Flesh & Blood ( excerpt below ), you will also be able to snavel my creature feature Sandgroper.

Most importantly, subscribe to my monthly-ish Newsletter in which I reveal what is going on in my world, snippets, excerpts, free stories and reviews. No spam guaranteed.

Excerpt from Flesh & Blood

“C’mon, get up. I’m not going to carry your lazy ass around all day.” Santa smiled, hanging on the side of the van door.

Kelly hesitated a moment too long.

Santa lifted a black baton from behind his back and slammed it down onto her thigh. Kelly grunted in shock at the impact. Barbed spikes on the head of the baton impaled her thigh, and an inferno of agony fired up Kelly’s leg as he dragged her, via the baton, out of the van.

Kelly slipped like a fish onto a polished concrete floor. Landing on her dislocated shoulder, she blacked out momentarily from the pain. With a boot on her hip, Santa rocked the baton loose from her leg, tearing the hooked barbs from her thigh. Kelly found the pink muscle and ruptured flesh fascinating until it dawned on her that it was her own. She finally found the air to scream, tears streaming down her face as he leered over her with a smile and those bright blue eyes buzzing with excitement.

So come and join the madness at

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