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Run, Walk, Crawl; Getting fit in my forties with Tim Lebbon.

UK Amazon Link Here

I can hear you all gasp in shock "But this isn't horror!" as I review and discuss this new book by Tim Lebbon. Trust me, endurance sports are a horror and delight in their own right. Trust me they take self-torture to a whole new level.

Not only is Mr Lebbon one of the most successful horror writers today; with 45 novels published, two film adaptions and more screenplays under way. But he is also a 5 times Ironman. Now an Ironman competition requires 2.4 mile (3.9k) swim, 112 mile (180.2km) bike ride and 26.2mile (42.2k) run. Yeah pretty damn impressive, you even have to do it all in one day.

Please find my rather unique runterview with Tim Lebbon as we discuss his new book Run, Walk, Crawl; Getting fit in your forties .

My review of Run, Walk, Crawl: Getting fit in your forties can be found here on Goodreads

Now if non-fiction isn't your thing (it isn't usually mine either) but you are still curious about these endurance sports in a horror setting. I highly recommend Tim Lebbon's Eden which I read when it came out last year. Read my review here: Good Reads - Eden

Spoiler alert... I gave it 5 stars.

UK Amazon Link Here

Another one on my TBR list is The Hunt. It is in Tim's own words it is about a man getting shot at whilst running the trails in Snowdonia. Now trail running in Snowdonia is on my bucket list, so I might wait until I have ticked that box before indulging in this little thriller. On the other hand it might just encourage me to run faster.

UK Amazon Link Here

You can find more information about Tim and his work on his website here; Tim Lebbon

Want to read more about my thoughts on running and writing... Please continue. If you want to watch my interview with Tim Lebbon please click here.

Now, being a relatively new runner, and writer I can't help but see parallels between both of these endeavours. Bear with me here.

  1. Both tend to be rather solitary pursuits, but having a great support team whether that be an editor, a training buddy, a beta reader or a training program can make all the difference.

  2. Both require a fair bit of self discipline. Yes you can miss a writing day or a training day, but miss to many of those and they will effect the end product.

  3. The first five minutes or 500 words are the hardest, but once you get going it gets easier.

  4. A lot of the battle is in your own mind. Self doubt, fear of failure, submitting to a publisher or entering a race. Physically you have to goods, but do you believe in yourself to cross that line.

  5. Neither require a great upfront investment. A pair of decent trainers / or a notebook and pen.

  6. You have choices as to what kind of runner/writer you want to be;

Sprints = Short stories

Novels = Middle distance 10k to 1/2 Marathons

Epics = Marathons, Ironman

Series = Competing a set series of runs over a set period of time.

Slow Burns = Plodder

Intense = Racer (Note; I run like a plodder, but write like a racer)

Plotter = Following a program and specific running routes

Pantser = Just hitting the road and discovering new adventures.

7. If you stick to the basics, the fundamentals, do the drills you may not run a race, or finish a book with your own flair and panache but you will finish it. And, it will be solid.

8. But most importantly the communities of both are filled with genuinely great people of all different stages, ages, backgrounds who come together to cheer each other on and enjoy the success of others. Those who understand we are NOT competing against each other, but competing against ourselves.

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