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Down Under Horror Interview

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Caroline Angel

G'day Caroline, and welcome to the Chair of Chaos.

Please make yourself comfie, there is a cold one in the fridge and the bbq is warming up.

Yes, I know the chair is on fire. Maybe I should've of called it Chair of Fire, even better.....Blazing Saddles

Yeap, don't mind the dogs, it's the kids you gotta watch.

Yeap the fly swatter is just over there. I appreciate you joining us, it is a cracking day for an interview.

Rightio, lets go.

From what part of this sunburnt country do you hail? And what is your modus operandi with the blood-soaked pen?

I’m from north central Victoria, it’s a rural area. Lots of farms, cattle, crops, sheep, and horses.

I write suspenseful horror. Mainly supernatural, and also some science fiction and fantasy combined with horror.

If there was one thing you could change, improve about your writing or writing process, what would it be? More coffee and less cake are not acceptable answers.

I’d like a dedicated writing area, maybe a studio, or an office. Right now it’s either the couch or wherever I can sling my laptop.

You have a choice of five people to invite to a barbie. Any five in life or beyond? Ok, make that four because it is a given you will invite yours truly. Four friends plus me to your barbie. Who are they, and why?

Okay this is probably a boring answer, but you didn’t specify what category of people (famous, writers, etc) so I’d invite four of my friends. What’s a barbeque without friends? They’re the ones that are there for you, holding your hand through the tough times. They are the ones we should keep close.

From the isolation of endless horizons to the fascinating deadly creatures that crawl, slither and swim upon this land of sand and fire, what is your greatest Aussie horror?

This is easy. Colonial invasion. The mass genocide of our indigenous population, torture and unspeakable crimes towards those that survived. Sadly there’s no real justice today. And god forbid you come here as a refugee. You’ll be imprisoned without rights for decades.

Where did you discover your love for all things that go bump in the night or splat on the walls?

I get asked this a lot but I can’t answer. I honestly don’t know. It’s one of those things that just kind of is. I can’t explain it, really.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Australia and life on this island/continent?

That we are all uneducated, beer-swigging bogans who eat meat pies and chug beer.

Where is one place in Australia where you haven’t been, but would love to go?

I’ve barely traveled around my great country, but I don’t have a burning desire to do so at this moment. Too much on my plate.

Who are your favourite Aussie authors?

I honestly don’t have any favourites. There are many good writers, and I couldn’t possibly choose.

Do you keep your writing strictly Aussie in style or spelling or do you find yourself acquiescing to the tastes of the Northern hemisphere?

My publisher is international, so I need to follow international standards. Also, the majority of my audience seems to be American.

Other than this ground breaking interview, what are you currently working on?

Three books on the go (one is a sequel to my Origin of Evil series) and I am completing my last year of uni.


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