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Dawn Ellis Shea #WiHM

G'day Dawn and welcome to the Couch of Chaos. Now I do apologise as the sign above your head says it is Women in Horror Month... But, that is not quit correct is it. It is now officially Women In Horror Movement. Can't keep us women locked into one month, oh no siree. Must get the damn sign writer out to remedy that. But anyway, you are the first participant in my movement. Each month, I will invite one gorgeous lady out and talk all things Women In Horror. Look, see, already got it in my calender. Now, are you comfortable. Good, I didn't expect you to be. Shall we get started ?

Now I can’t start writing until I have a coffee and digestive biscuits to hand. Do you have a ritual before you start writing, or is it spontaneous venture?

I just write. It is preferable to have an ice cold Diet Coke, but I write spontaneously all the time.

Self care is important these days, and women tend to leave ourselves to last everytime. How do you care for yourself.

Long hot baths, with a nice bath bomb and a good book.

You have a choice of five people to invite to dinner. Any five in life or beyond? Ok, make that four because it is a given you will invite yours truly. Four friends plus me to your dinner party. Who are they and why?

My father, Stevie Ellis. He passed away in 2018 and I would love to know what he thinks of my new venture.

Stephen King, because he influenced a lot of who I am today. He also wrote my favorite book, Pet Sematary.

Jon Benet Ramsey, because I legit need to know what happened.

Florence Nightingale, because I am a an RN by trade and I would love to pick her brain.

How do you determine success for yourself?

I don’t really. I just do what I love and hope that everyone else loves it, too.

Tell us, why should we read your work? Don’t say because it is better than mine.

We work really hard to come up with original ideas and collect stories that fit those ideas. I think all of our authors do a splendid job.

Is there one thing you would have done differently in your writing career?

There are certain people that I never would have gotten involved with.

What inspires you? No, don’t look at me.

Fellow authors and readers inspire me with things to write. My kids and my husband inspire me to write, so that I can achieve my dreams.

Imagine I am filthy successful agent (I did say imagine) we are stepping into an elevator. Hit me with your top three elevator pitches for three pieces of your work.

Everyone loves the alphabet, right? Did you know that we wrote an entire horror anthology using the alphabet? It’s called ABC’s of Terror.

Then we wrote a second volume. It’s about haunted places using the alphabet. It’s called ABC’s of Terror, Volume 2.

If politics/current events is your thing, no worries. We have that, too. It’s called After the Kool-Aid is Gone.

A mother isn’t meant to have favourites, but tell me, what is your favourite story that you have written? And why? Just so all those other stories know.

A is for Arachnid or I is for Indian Burial Ground. Arachnid is a favorite because it made me explore one of my biggest fears and Indian Burial Ground because I was able to put my own spin on my favorite novel.

Other than WIHM which is an amazing month for female horror writers. How do you feel other women can best support each other in this genre?

Buy their books, read their books, tell other people about their books. Also, if someone needs help, advice or just general knowledge, don’t be an ass. Help them!

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