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Welcome to my Couch of Chaos D.J Doyle, please sit and make yourself comfortable. Yes there.... I know it's a chair and not a couch. It needs to sound comfortable, not actually be comfortable. Bloggers Tip 324 how to lure interviewees. No! Don't touch that! Ok, thankyou. No, that drink is not for you... oh, you already drank that? I really thought you would know better than that. But, then you are Irish. Well you had better drink the antidote then, I guess.

........15 minutes later

Excellent, now Ladies and Gentleman D.J Doyle's intestines are now in situ let us proceed.

From where do you hail? And what is your modus operandi with the blood soaked pen?

Hi, I'm D.J. Doyle and I reside in County Kildare, in the Republic of Ireland. I write many subgenres of horror like sci-fi, paranormal, occult, and comedy. However, a weird part of me enjoys writing extreme horror and these are my most popular stories. I like to push the boundaries a little and chuffed when the reviews come in from readers.

A mother isn’t meant to have favourites, but tell me, what is your favourite story that you have written? And why? Just so all those other stories know.

- Oh, that's a hard one, I don't know if I can answer. It is probably The Celtic Curse: Newgrange as I poured my heart and soul into it, and Newgrange is my favourite place to be - For anyone who doesn't know Newgrange, it's an ancient heritage site (older than the pyramids in Egypt) where the pagans conducted their rituals.

If there was one thing you could change, improve about your writing or writing process, what would it be? More coffee and less cake are not acceptable answers.

- I wish I could improve on character development and imaginative descriptions. I tend to focus on the stories and action rather than the characters. To me, too much character development can be boring. Yes, you have to know what drives them, who they were, etc, but if it doesn’t help with the plot, what’s the point.

All of our characters have elements of ourselves woven into them. Which poor character is most like you?

Father Jack from The Father Jack Chronicles (Christ on a Bike!, OMFG! and Forgive me, Father) :-D A foul-mouthed sarcastic fecker. I also used to be the smoker and drinker, but I don't do those anymore.

Except drink other people's poisons.

Imagine I am a filthy successful agent (I did say imagine) we are stepping into an elevator. Hit me with your top three elevator pitches for three pieces of your work

A serial killer with a taste for blood - keeps his 'princesses' captive until they are no longer worthy. His latest princess could be his salvation.

See More Here

17th century Ireland, a young girl is murdered and curses those responsible and their bloodline. Present day, a father must stop the curse to save his son.

See More Here

A tale of reincarnation, legends, and destiny. An opportunity to conduct an ancient ritual surfaces when a trip to Ireland turns into a fight for survival, and a need to save the world.

See More Here

What is the greatest challenge to women succeeding in horror? Readers who think women can't write horror.

Although it's a compliment to see in my reviews how I can be as good at extreme horror as a man, I should not be compared at all. Readers should not consider the sex of the author and just enjoy the story (or not).

You have a choice of five people to invite to dinner. Any five in life or beyond? Ok, make that four because it is a given you will invite yours truly. Four friends plus me to your dinner party. Who are they?

I would never forget you, Lee. My mother (just to hear her laugh one more time), William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, David Attenborough, and you!

How do you determine success for yourself?

I love writing, I don't know if I will ever become a 'known name' in this genre, but if I am happy doing it, then that's all that matters. If you really need an answer - if I can make a living from writing and pay the mortgage and bills, then I would consider myself a success.

What inspires you? No, don’t look at me.

I have a few, including you, Lee. Firstly, my family, the indie authors I know and are friends with inspire me. What also inspires me is mythology and history.

Tell us, why should we read your work? Don’t say because it is better than mine.

(Would I ever?) I write quite a mix of subgenres, so it should cover what most readers are into. If you like comedy horror, I have a few short stories that meets this criteria. If you like ghost stories or religious based, my two novels will suffice. If you like blood and gore, I have many extremes for readers to sink their teeth into. One thing though, I always try to include humour into my stories like when a character is chasing a phantom but runs into an inflatable penis, or my own personal anecdotes like when I fell off a bus and pulled a man's trousers down. I have plenty more to give, I just hope the readers will have patience while I write them.

Want more Irish craic with D.J Doyle?

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