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Biblical Horror, Outback slaughter & Apocalyptic Dystopia

Hank Flynn


Lost in a world no longer her own.

Hank Flynn is a tormented man.

He’s an outcast among humans, and condemned to confront evil, for as long as he lives.

Serving a higher power, Hank wanders the earth alone, until he stumbles into Protection, Kansas.

Mortally wounded and delirious after a demonic encounter, Hank Flynn is desperate for help.

Wallace Bixby, a local merchant and man of faith, graciously opens his home to the broken stranger.

Hank Flynn discovers the meaning of family and community, and the avenging drifter finds peace with Josie Bixby, the young woman who heals his body and his heart.

The town of Protection is exactly what Hank needs, and the town needs the man with special talents, who slays demons.

He deals out a unique brand of punishment to anything breaking the law, or threatening the people he loves.

But when the Devil himself comes calling, Hank Flynn must risk everything for the town he now calls home.

My Thoughts:

5 Bloody Worms

I consumed this novel in one sitting.

A brutal story of redemption that won’t leave your soul unscathed.

Candace Nola’s Hank Flynn is a story of a tortured soul seeking redemption from an unforgiving God.

Brilliantly written Nola captures Hank’s story as he serves God in the only way he knows how. Set in 1840’s Kansas, Hank emerges battered and bruised from the wilderness into a two-horse town. Hank is no ordinary man though and his struggle for a peaceful life with the woman he loves pulls your heart across the pages.

Nola’s prose is both eloquent and visceral, creating characters you can’t help but cherish, loathe or a bit of both. She splashes blood and torture across the page with the deft hand of an artist that will keep the most blood-thirsty of us sated without taking away from the greater story. And therein lies the real horror of this novel, the brutality of Hank’s constant torment and anguish that culminates in an explosive ending that won’t leave your nerves untouched.

Available on Amazon and Kindle. Check out Candace's website Uncomfortably Dark

The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser


Where does the adventure end . . .

and the nightmare begin?

Frank owns a service station on a little-used highway. His granddaughter, Allie, is sent to stay with him for the summer, but they don't talk a lot.

Simon is a dreamer and an idealist, in thrall to the romance of the open road and desperately in search of something.

Maggie is the woman who will bring them together, someone whose own personal journey will visit unimaginable terror on them all. . .

My Thoughts;

4 Bloody Worms

Great Outback Horror

Fast paced, high action horror. Very much in the flavour of Wolf Creek and Deliverance. This is what I would refer to as popcorn horror. Great fun entertainment with a basic plotline and not too much thinking required.

Some parts, characters felt a little too convenient. But other then that an enjoyable and recommended read. Not a bad effort for a debut novel.

Available on Amazon and Kindle.

A Quiet Apocalypse by Dave Jeffery

The end is hear...

A mutant strain of meningitis has wiped out most of mankind. The few who have survived the fever are now deaf.

Bitter with loss and terrified to leave the city known as Cathedral, the inhabitants rely on The Samaritans, search teams sent out into the surrounding countryside. Their purpose, to hunt down and enslave the greatest commodity on Earth, an even smaller group of people immune to the virus, people who can still hear.

People like me.

My name is Chris.

This is my story.

My Thoughts;

5 Blood Worms

Well that's all a bit grim and brilliant.

This is my first story I have read by Jeffery and despite the current hype I was not disappointed. This is an excellent story with efficient world building that doesn't hold back on the gut punches.

A fresh take on apocalyptic dystopias' and all too relevant to today's society.The MC Chris is all too relatable and his anguish real. Can't say much without revealing too much. Definitely a good, short read and I am very excited to see it is part of a series.

Available on Amazon or find out more about Mr Jeffery on his website HERE


Now before I get started on publicly promoting my book reviews I want to start off with a few points.

1) I will never ever take money to review a book.

2) These are my thoughts and opinions on books I have read for my own pleasure. If you disagree, excellent, that is why there is such an amazing selection of books in the world, something for everyone.

3) Why do most of my reviews have 4-5 Bloodworms?

Well I won't review books I don't finish (DNF) for a start. I am definitely not going to waste time on promoting them. I am quite particular about the books I do select and whilst I am a horror writer, I do read across the genres, neatly sidestepping romance.

4) You will find I am more critical of traditional published books. These people get paid a motza to create a perfect product and have a whole team. Yes I believe Indie authors and presses need to be held to the same account but I am a little more generous. Overall though, if the story doesn't cut it, it doesn't cut it.

5) Finally I am not a professional, qualified nor do I read deep in literary processes. I enjoy different books for many different reasons. Some are just popcorn fun, some are deeper.

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