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Because it was my Birthday this week, I have signed up to get you guys lots of FREEBIES from nearly 75 Hot INDIE HORROR stories, excerpts, and novels for YOU!!!

Includes my first chapter of Berserker - Green Hell.

The reviews for Berserker-Green Hell have been coming in strong and fast. I am so excited to see my work being enjoyed.

"This novel plays out like a military movie with some of the most horrific scenarios I have ever read. "

- Candace Nola Author of Hank Flynn.

Read her full review HERE

"Franklin has an uncanny ability to write characters, scenarios, and places very well fleshed out."

- Andy's Honest Reviews

Read his full review HERE

"Reading, I’ve learned, is like a meal—sometimes you want a scrumptious nine-course feast, and sometimes you want a queso-covered burrito with tortilla chips. Both are delicious.

I’ve been having so much fun with this book. It’s fast and brutal and smart and beautifully written. It *moves.* So if you’re looking for an engaging, savage read that doesn’t skimp on intelligence and won’t weigh you down, get this one. It’ll do you right."

- Polly Schattell Award-winning filmmaker, and Author of The Occultists

Find out more about Polly HERE

Until next time folks, Happy Birthday to me, to you and everyone.

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