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I have been fortunate to be interviewed by some fantastic talent. If you want to know a little more about me, and how this twisted brain works. Please I invited you step over the threshold of sanity and delve a little into my mind. 

Ginger Nuts of Horror
Lee Franklin Goes Through Green Hell

To get the ball rolling and get everyone relaxed, here is a hopefully lighthearted question to break the ice. Which one of your characters would you least like to meet in real life and have them complain to you about the way you treated them in your work.

" OMG, who would I start with? I treat them all a bit bloody awful, even my favourites. Especially, my favourites. I guess maybe Doc from Green Hell. He’s a priest turned medic, nabbed by some beastly alien, and had his rib cage ripped open only to be shredded by a landmine. He is a sweet guy, decent human being, no matter how much I messed him up. My only defense would be: the more I like the character, the spectacular exit plan I have in store for them. Wear it as a badge of honor…I guess."

Priya Sharma, taken by Mark

" I have always been a massive reader, but never consciously “genre read” I just picked up whatever I fancied. Since I started writing horror I have certainly read a lot more specific to the genre, and I have not been disappointed."

Red Cape Publishing - Author Interview



What was your hardest scene to write?

"... I role played the fight movements in my lounge room with my kids to make sure that they were natural and logical. Ten years of doing Tae Kwon Do and boxing really helped."

Women In Horror Month with Carmilla Voiez

Why do you think women are attracted to the horror genre?
" I think horror is attractive to women because it is a safe place for us to face our worst fears. It is empowering, and we are not always the victim. Sometimes we get to be the villains."
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