Australian born Author, Lee Franklin, now resides in the idyllic Yorkshire countryside with her incredible husband, Marcelo, and three boys. After 10 years in the army, working as a personal trainer and logistics officer, Lee found her true calling in life as an Author.

Lee’s first novel Berserker-Green Hell published by Hellbound Books has been received with positive reviews. Published a remarkable 14 times in 4 years including a novel, novelette, collaboration, and many shorts, Lee shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.


Welcome to the world my twisted mind creates.

Enter If You Dare

What a knockout of a story, and such a detailed and horrific journey into an absolute hellish Green Hell. I really did enjoy this, with its vivid imagery and visceral descriptions of battle, violence and bizarre and disturbing encounters.

Simon Clark - King Blood

Relentless, bloody action! ... The action is relentless, the gore coming by the bucket load, and the story well crafted. Berserker is one of my favourites this year so far. 

PJ Blakey-Novis - Four

Berserker - Green Hell is a terrific, breathless read. Brutal, funny, well written and WILD!

Peter Laws - The Frighteners